Meet The Leadership Team

hellofuture was founded by a team of veteran Silicon Valley strategists, technologists and inventors (50+ issued patents) with a passion for developing successful technology strategy and solutions, creating innovative consumer & enterprise products and services, and effective project management.



Chris is a prolific inventor (60 issued patents and 117 pending primarily in social networking and media – many of which, patented up to 7 years ago, are now seeing true product development), exceptional innovator (launched and headed internal innovation programs at Yahoo!, Walmart & Citigroup as well as invented products for all of the above corporates), experienced technologist (developed and launched a multitude of apps in everything from Ruby to C#), serial entrepreneur (led a number of startups from inception to launch) and a practical futurist (launched and ran corporate futurist programs envisioning far forward products and services).


Att has over 16 years of experience in software and internet technologies with 6 years in developing strategic technology planning for companies such as Yahoo, Huawei & CSR PLC. Att has a comprehensive understanding in defining product/feature requirements for technology and strategic roadmaps 2 to 10 years out, planning long term go-to-market product strategies, forming & maintaining internal and external strategic partnerships. She also has 68 patent applications in internet, mobile and social technology.



The majority of Terry’s 30 year career involved working with customers on the definition of new initiatives and guiding R&D programs through to completion. He has extensive experience in complex and volatile high technology development and deployment/integration environments dealing with stakeholders in all areas and levels. Terry excels in conducting rapid program assessments and developing courses of action that build consensus and keep teams focused and motivated. His experience comes from working at and with both large companies and startups, foreign and domestic in the semiconductor, robotics, display, interactive cloud TV, and software arenas.

He is the founder of AIDA Compass, a low-overhead systemic and scalable management framework.


Forrest is an experienced software engineer and serial entrepreneur with over 20 years in the industry. He first began building websites in high school in the 90s and has gone on to work for several companies, ranging from tiny start-ups to huge corporations including Apple and CA Technologies. He has headed up multiple teams of engineers and specializes in automation tools and mobile applications. As both a technical and business-minded person, Forrest’s biggest passion is turning bold new ideas into reality.




Kitty is an experienced sales, marketing and project management guru with exceptional organizational skills. Experienced with intellectual property (patent development, filing and case management), insurance (client services and project management) & philanthropic (high value client relationship management) enterprises.



Susan spent most of a her career (at IBM and Sun) balancing structure and flow – of people, processes, and environment – to support the development of innovative products and great business results. Innovation is an imperative for both good and great companies. The great ones know that PEOPLE come up with insights and great ideas (creativity) and transform them into value with resources and structure (innovation). Susan shows people how to ignite their creativity so they can be the fuel for organizational innovation. She is the founder of CLUE Institute which has a unique framework and toolkit to achieve a self-perpetuating cycle of ever-increasing confidence, communication, collaboration, and superior collective performance.


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