Principal Consultant

dent the universe with words and deeds

helloFUTURE is a foresight, innovation, patent and technology consultancy. We focus on inventing the future, imagining new trends, products and services, protecting those ideas, and bringing them into the world. We create innovative new products, services and patents via our foresight, innovation and patent development programs.

We are looking for an experienced principal consultant who can help us keep moving forward. If all of this applies to you >

/ dynamic / responsive / technically savvy

/ quick / problem solver / unafraid

/ high energy / open minded / generalist

/ specialist / fast learner

let’s talk.

You must understand and embrace our philosophy on the future of work, here and now (remote/distributed/over-communicative/virtual).

This is not a corporate gig, this is a consulting gig. You are a free range “mercenary” who can >

/ rock out strategy / set people straight / move mountains

/ envision the future / be creative / be extraordinary

/ break out of boxes / cause general chaos / talk back

< all in the name of helping our client’s master disruption, dent the universe, and build new billion dollar businesses.

Interested? Let’s talk.

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