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Sales is Broken, How do we Fix it?

The internet has moved more of the sales conversation into the hands of your customers that ever before. Now, fully 66% of your customers will have already researched you before you have even done any outreach. The ball is now in your customer’s court, and how must traditional sales models change in the new world of smart devices, social media, and the ability of your customers to, in some cases, know more about your company than your sales reps do.

Additionally, day by day, the entirety of the internet is being subsumed by completely uninformative “content”, thinly veiled sales messages masquerading as real, valuable stuff.  Reports state that 90% of everything we see on the internet is spam, no matter if it’s on social media, blogs, long-form content hubs or whatever. Content marketing is not an informative end in itself but leads people to a sale. And that turns your buyers off.

Our team asked: Why can’t we perfectly match a buyer’s demand with a seller’s product? Don’t we already know more or less exactly when there is a demand, and what that demand is for? Why can’t we then make that match, and silence all of the other non-pertinent voices out there for the prospective buyer? More business actually occurs when there are serendipitous meetings between buyers and sellers.

But how do you “engineer” serendipity? We have developed a program which assists in the generation of leads, based on the customer’s propensity to buy. Using a centaur approach, coupling human review with artificial intelligence, we can assist you in the generation of leads more ready to buy, and ready for your targeted message.

Are you ready to stop flooding the internet with wasteful ad spending, and focus on those prospects who are ready and interested now? Contact us below.

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