Rapid Crisis Recovery.

A 30-minute ZiDeation session to get you back in business, yesterday.

Unprecedented Times Require Quick Response and Execution


The World Is Opening Up. Are You Ready? Some organizations are ready to run, others can barely walk. This crisis has run highly resilent companies aground. How do you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back to business, yesterday? We are done thinking about the crisis – we need to know what’s next – how we roar back to prosperity.


A rapid-fire, on-the-fly approach, this quick 30-minute ZiDeation session (via Zoom conference), starts with a blended team of both your and our top idea folks, using elements from our exclusive helloFUTURE Anticipatory Innovation Architecture, we riff out incremental or disruptive immediately actionable ideas and execution plans to get your business flourishing again, right now. We capture these, and then enhance and expand these with our team internally.


A ZiDeation Report consisting of a minimum of 20 actionable ideas (including execution strategies) that you can implement immediately,  within 24 hours of the session. You can then throw them back to your internal teams to implement, or dig deeper into any of the ideas with a follow on Ideation Brainstorm Playshop



Flat fee includes material pre-review, 30-minute remote Zoom conference, and ZiDeation Report, delivered 24 hours from session end.

If you need more in-depth ideation services, we also provide expanded ideation brainstorm playshops.

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