Value Proposition Innovation.

Understand your customer’s needs, and design products and services they want.


Will anyone want to buy this? You’ve got a great concept which you feel will benefit your current or potential customers, but you are unsure if it will achieve product/market fit, and want to more fully detail the proposed customer value proposition. In short, if we launch this, will it be successful?


Inspired by the proven Value Proposition Canvas, our teams facilitate the creation of numerous value propositions, based on your specific business. Our expert facilitators step through the full range of variables required to generate multiple sets of value propositions. This workshop can be standalone or bundled with the business model canvas.


Insight into Gains, Pains and the Customer’s “Jobs to be Done”, identification of Gain Creators and Pain Relievers, leading to profitable products and services. Fits perfectly into an overall business model mapping, screening concepts, and can also trigger further concept testing.