Technology Strategy Consulting

software-developmenthelloFUTURE’s technology strategy consultants will build, implement and manage a strategic plan to address the tech challenges of your business.

Technological changes move at blinding speed and it’s easy to fall behind in the increasingly complex tech landscape. With change comes enormous opportunity, and for some companies, enormous pain. These changes can affect literally every facet of your business and if you’re not ahead of the curve, you’re behind it.

As new markets open for your business and new competitors enter the market, most technology innovations and problems arise in IT architecture, software and technical innovation, new communication platforms, new computing methods, and new business models. helloFUTURE’s consultants have over 30 years of experience in planning, managing and implementing all aspects of technology strategy, operations, and technical project management. We’ve learned how to effectively incorporate digital innovation while supporting, and at times expanding, the core business.

helloFUTURE’s technology strategy consultants bring long-term vision and adaptability to your business without disrupting it. We’ve been intimately involved in hundreds of projects for companies of every size, from startups to enterprise level businesses. Our projects have included managing application strategy, selection & rationalization, enterprise architecture, transformation, cost-effectiveness analysis, IT governance, operating models & delivery models, IT service management, project portfolio management, cloud hosting & implementation, and other facets. In short, helloFUTURE provides complete, end-to-end solutions for your technology challenges.

Some of the services our technology strategy consultants provide include:

  • Review and assess current business processes
  • Detailed requirements definition
  • Review and assess specific corporate cultural requirements
  • Workflow analysis
  • Technology stack selection
  • Software functionality and feature set analysis
  • Determination of development resources
  • Coordination of project management, design teams and onshore and offshore engineering teams
  • Development and execution of complete proposal and project plans

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