Startup Checkup.

A quick 30-minute checkup to make sure that your startup is going in the right direction.


Is your startup struggling to reach product/market fit? Is it time to revise your business model, go after a different type of customer, revise your product mix, make a few tweaks to get to product-market fit, or pivot to a completely different business?


A rapid-fire “Shark Tank” like approach, this quick 30-minute teleconference, will inform our startup business strategists with your approach (delve into the business model, potential market), then provide you with immediate feedback in the same call.


An actionable plan to move your startup to the next level. We give you the direction you need to build the magical product/market fit which will finally accelerate your startup into the stratosphere.



Flat fee includes material pre-review, 30-minute teleconference, and follow up findings.

If you need more in-depth advisory for your startup, we also provide expanded advisory services.

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