Reality Group Coaching.

Align every team member for productivity & effectiveness.


How do get every member of my team moving in the same direction? Stop me if you’ve heard this one before – you have a tough time getting your teams to gel – they spend half the time in conflict, the other half of the time going in different directions. Emotions run hot, team members quit or check out, and no matter how hard you try, you keep missing dates and shortchanging deliverables. You know that there is a way to get them moving, but you don’t know how.


Inspired by Robert Greene’s The Laws Of Human Nature, we use the “Law of Conformity” to build powerfully effective teams. By instilling a collective sense of purpose, assembling the right team of lieutenants, allowing information and ideas to flow freely, infecting the team with positive emotions and battle-testing each member of the team to determine their strengths and weaknesses, we build “reality groups,” teams who can maintain a tight relationship to reality.


Teams focused on delivery, over and above everything else. A unit with no hidden agendas communicates well, raises any issues, identifies and deals with blockers in sufficient time to ensure project completion. A team with little conflict, which self-resolves quickly, allowing them to return to productivity quickly. A productive cohesive group, fully intent on delivery, on time and under budget.

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