Program and Project Management

helloFUTURE’s program and project managers turn your strategy idea into a well-executed plan to drive revenue for years to come.

Enterprise-wide projects – and even small business projects – can become revenue busters if project or program management is not effective or cost efficient. Whether your agile or waterfall, your business needs strong, stable, and reliable program and project managers to develop and implement your strategies. We add value to your project by bringing a wide variety of quality processes, program management methodologies, tool sets and experience.

helloFUTURE’s project and program managers have a wide breadth of experience in managing projects from infancy through completion. We’ve organized and managed teams from 3-3,000, often involving complex software implementations, for startups through enterprises.

Once you’ve engaged helloFUTURE, we work with you to envision what your successful project will ultimately look like. We help design and develop the program or project to ensure success, get the right people on board, assess risk, identify blind spots and work proactively to exceed your expectations.

Our program and project management services include:

  • End-to-End Technical Project and Program Management
  • Managing strategic, mission-critical initiatives and recovering troubled projects
  • Providing Interim leadership
  • PMO Development/Augmentation
  • Project Management Training and Mentoring
  • Program & Project Management (PM) Assessments
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Requirements Management (Specification or User Story Development)
  • Filling skill set gaps