Powering Innovation In Your Organization.


Do You Crave Innovation, But Don’t Know How To Get There? Many organizations want to be more innovative – but they have no idea how to get there. Do they hire a CINO and create an internal innovation group, do they partner, or hire outside agencies. The question remains – how can we show near-term innovation ROI as soon as possible?


Hire an Fractional Chief Innovation Officer, on retainer. I am kalaboukis, and I have been in the business of innovation for over 20 years. I’ve run successful innovation programs at many companies such as Yahoo, Walmart, Citibank, Wells Fargo, and many others. Depending on your specific needs, I can provide you with solid innovation management for a reasonable monthly fee.


Kickoff and manage the innovation process within your organization. Build a plan, and execute the plan. Create true innovation ROI – no playing with cool toys, no wasting time on unprofitable innovations, no hiring full-time Chief Innovation Officers and creating full-time innovation groups, a huge cash and time suck that you will likely have to shut down in a few years since they will have not developed your next unicorn. Leverage my deep expertise in growing profitable innovation within your organization from as little as $9k per month. 

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