Think Like A Futurist.

Where Will You Go Tomorrow?


Do You Know What The Future Holds? Do you know what your competitors are thinking? We know that they aren’t thinking about the future. Foresight Leadership (using Strategic Foresight to inform your leadership decisions) helps you forge your ideal future by teaching you to embrace the future instead of fear it. The future is better than you think.


Using my exclusive 25 point process, encompassing the tools of professional futurists, I unearth the big shifts, driving signals, powerful trends, disruptive technologies, key risks. These lead to the creation of informative artifacts, powerful headlines, accurate personas, strategic plans, and effective roadmaps.


A detailed strategic roadmap of your future, with actions you can start today, with all of the right elements required to deal with the disruption ahead. The plan includes revisioning, forwarding, visioning, and actioning – based on the outcomes of my Foresight Leadership process, giving you specific strategies and tactics to power your personal Foresight Leadership.

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