Strategic Foresight Programs.

Guide your enterprise safely into the future with this enhanced innovation program.

Innovation Programs Are Like Opinions: Everyone Has One.

Like most big companies, you’ve probably run or are currently running, at least one internal innovation program. It might be workshops, the rollout of an enterprise idea management tool like Spigit, or something less formal.

Innovation programs are great, but sometimes don’t go far enough. They don’t bring out the genuinely disruptive, forward-thinking, billion-dollar ideas that your leadership wants.

To develop those kinds of ideas requires an enhanced innovation program that asks explicitly for those kinds of ideas.

We call this a futurist innovation program.


This Is Not An Innovation Program. It’s Better.

We've Done Typical Innovation Programs. They Just Aren't Good Enough.


Does this sound familiar? You are suddenly placed in a competitive situation by new up and coming startups nipping at your market share. Right now they don’t seem too much of a threat, but you can tell that with time, they will be. To address these threats, your leadership is looking for substantial new business from your innovation group. Unless it can generate new billion-dollar ideas, it may not be sufficient to fight off the hordes of new competitors moving into your space.

Standard internal crowdsourced innovation programs are great at delivering incremental innovation. Some of this incremental innovation may keep your competitors at bay for a short while, but they can “move fast and break things” where you may not be able to.

To envision these new, bold disruptive ideas, we help you break your participant’s cognitive mental connections between today and tomorrow. by using the same tools and techniques professional futurists use and apply them to crowdsourced innovation programs, thus creating the futurist innovation program.

First Ever Futurist Innovation Program

Experience Massive Employee Engagement.

Futurist innovation programs helped our clients generate hundreds of exciting, new, disruptive, out-of-the-box ideas. Additionally, they saw:

  • Massive increases in employee engagement (over 20%) and employee morale for the future of the company
  • Detailed scenarios, leading to comprehensive strategic plans, new product development and capability creation
  • Hundreds of patentable ideas, which went directly in the companies patent portfolio (leading to a $1B patent portfolio)
innovation team

Fun, Crowdsourced, Far-forward Thinking Challenges


These programs help your employees to indeed envision your company, customers, and industry into the next decade, resulting in higher employee insight, loyalty, and engagement.

The program brings your entire business, department, C-Suite, or small team into the innovation (and disruption) conversation. Using futurist innovation programs, you’ll discover global trends and emerging market opportunities; the impact of innovations; learn to separate patterns from the hype, and anticipate risk management.

Our SPRINTS (24 hour hackathon-style events), MARATHONS (30 day extensive) programs, and custom PROGRAMS include pre-planning, marketing, communications, capture tool setup (we use our proprietary GETFUTURIST platform), generation of “artifacts from the future” (as well as the application of any other relevant contextually relevant futurist techniques),  review process, awards and reward definition, program guidance, idea review, and execution.

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