Co-creation Workshops.

Deeply involve your customers in a design thinking inspired workshop to guide your product strategy.


What’s in the minds of your customers? While market research is an essential tool in your arsenal of strategy, there is no substitute for direct in-person insight, working hand-in-hand with selected customers, former customers and prospects to assist in the specification of your product and service vision. We build teams of prospects, customers, and employees and challenge them to envision and prototype next versions and new products together.


Using a Design Thinking approach, our expert facilitators form teams, elicit and provide challenges, and using design thinking tools and techniques, create right-sized low-fidelity prototypes. We then peer team review the prototypes, cycle through iterations and generate revisions. The techniques are specifically geared to capture broad participation from all attendees.


A set of prototypes, specifications and supporting materials detailed to the level required to take to the next step of business case development and technology specification. These actionable prototypes are ready to move into the next phase of development into a proof-of-concept, additional exploration, or possibly even patent development.