Business Model Innovation.

Design innovative & robust business models.


Which of these ideas matter? You have 100s of ideas generated by your last ideation session, or from your crowdsourced ideas generation efforts. But how do you decide which ideas to expand upon? Do you use your gut, or is there a standardized way to fully flesh out a potential business idea and determine its viability, without developing a full-blown business case?


Inspired by the proven Business Model Canvas, our facilitator journeys your team through all aspects of the potential business concept, covering all areas from Key Activities, Partners, Resources, Value Propositions, Customer Relationships and Segments, Channels, Cost Structures, and Revenue Streams, creating a well rounded concept and filling any gaps revealed during ideation.


Multiple comprehensive canvases covering all aspects of the proposed business concept, rapidly allowing you to determine which of these concepts deserve a deeper look. Even if we are unable to reveal all of the aspects of the concept during the session, its an invaluable tool for business analysis.

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