Patent & Targeted IP Generation.

Develop Billion Dollar Patent Portfolios with our Targeted IP Generation Programs.


How does your patent portfolio stack up against your competitors? Developing a robust IP strategy, no matter if you are a large enterprise or a small startup, will help protect you against competitors and give you the freedom to innovate and operate. Got a lot of great ideas within your organization but are not quite ready to build? Protect those ideas for future implementation or additional revenues through licensing with our patent development programs.


Start by gathering your top inventive minds and selecting a targeted area of focus, looking at the near future (far enough away from today to not be incremental). We train your teams on patentability criteria (novelty, usefulness, non-obviousness, and visibility), then perform focused ideation. Our patentable idea generation experts filter and review ideas for suitability. then develop specifications.


We will deliver a robust patent strategy, and your team will deliver sets of ideas designed to be filed with the patent office. In concert with our targeted IP generation experts, they will develop ideas which have a good chance of being issued by your local countries patent office. Our team, between them, have generated 100 issued patents with the US Patent Office.

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