Being bored is actually a good thing.

Did you know that being bored helps you innovate? Stop consuming and start thinking in those idle moments – who knows what innovative ideas you can come up with.

Do you really need to whip out your smartphone and check Facebook, Twitter or email every single time you have a spare second? Next time you have to wait, why not just stop and take a moment to think. Just stop and think. Look around you, really see, hear and smell things (yes, smell can trigger innovation too!) Let your brain open up and do what human brains do best, be creative.

Time being bored is a great time to simply think. To reach out into the world and observe, and reach into your brain and make connections. Being bored as actually pretty awesome when it comes to generating innovative thinking. Instead of stimuli coming externally, your brain will be forced to stimulate itself, and this is where some interesting innovations come from. Look at some of the greatest discoveries ever – didn’t they come when Newton was sitting under a tree thinking, or while Archimedes was settling into a bathtub? Don’t tell me that you haven’t had great ideas while maybe standing in the shower, washing dishes and doing gardening? How often do you get those great ideas when you’re watching a YouTube clip or a Facebook feed?

Do yourself an innovation favor – just be bored for a bit. You might be surprised at what comes out of your head.