If 95% of email is spam, then 90% of social media and 90% of content marketing is probably spam too.

Chris goes into detail on how 90% of the internet is now content marketing, people blasting sales messages thinly disguised as content on all channels. It’s time to disrupt this.

Back when people wanted to sell stuff, they initially used advertising, PR (to try to get written up in articles) and direct outreach, like direct mail and phone calls. You used to be able to easily tell what is a sales message and what is not, but now the lines are blurred. Content marketing has basically turned the internet into a roiling cesspool of  crap, all loud voices climbing over each other to attempt to sell things to us. I’ve come to believe that 90% of the content out there, no matter the medium, is a sales message.

You really want to make a dent in the universe and disrupt the world? Create the internet demand engine: with all we know about people, are you really saying that we can’t provide the exact right offer to the exact right person at the exact right moment? I think we can, and its up to us to do something about it, otherwise people may start dropping out of the stream.