Ageism, racism and sexism are all symptoms of fulfilling stereotypes, intolerance and lack of rapport building

There’s a new book out recently by Dan Lyons, a former writer for Newsweek who landed a gig (you probably can’t really call it a job) at a SaaS company called HubSpot which does sales and marketing software where he says that he experienced ageism, and saw sexism and racism in action.  The book is called Disrupted, My Misadventures in the Startup Bubble., and it rips apart the young bro-culture of most internet startup (not necessarily just those in Silicon Valley, since HubSpot is in Boston) and lays it out bare – with the scathing wit of the guy behind FakeStaveJobs.

Great book, very funny (the guy also writes for Silicon Valley, the HBO Show) showing what the culture is like within these organizations. As I read it, he touches upon a lot of what I’ve blogged about already, like the dismantling of the social contract between the company and the worker, and how tech workers get screwed over a lot.

In this podcast, I discuss how to defeat ageism using three major tactics:

  1. Blow out the stereotype: people expect you to act like an old person, so don’t act like one
  2. Be tolerant: just because you might not initially like the environment, don’t just step back. Engage and embrace
  3. Build rapport: truly connect with people by connecting and communicating. You need to modify your communications so they can hear you