Many companies look externally for innovation when some of the best ideas come from their employees, but they run into roadblocks when it comes to implementation. There is no need to take an all or nothing approach to this issue. You typically have a lot of employees with great ideas, they simply need a safe place to reveal those ideas. Once those ideas are revealed, instead of using internal resources to develop business models and/or prototypes, which are typically tied up in revenue generation and operations, use hellofuture to rapidly validate the idea, either via business modelling or prototyping and product/market fit.

Our inside/out innovation (IOI) program leverages your internal employees ideas, but uses our resources to build business models, prototype and implement using lean startup methodologies.

IOI simultaneously boosts employee morale while augmenting your product and patent portfolios.

How It Works

  1. We work with you to develop your list of outcomes
  2. We design and run a time-boxed innovation program for your employees to gather ideas
  3. We filter and reduce the number of ideas to  a top set
  4. Either:
    1. Develop the business model for the idea
    2. Develop a prototype of the idea
  5. Make a go/no go decision on moving the idea forward, then develop the other
  6. Pilot & Launch


Internal Ideas / External “Skunk Works”

Look at the story of Twitter: engineers inside of Odeo, a podcast publishing company, spent some spare time developing an idea one of their team had, ostensibly it was a tool to allow podcasters to inform their listeners of a new show. They developed the tool in-house, and without a fixed business model, the market snapped it up and built it into the billion dollar business it is today. What if they had the idea, but didn’t have the bandwidth internally to develop it? It may never have happened.

There is no shortage of original ideas from your employees – those can be generated quickly, and if you haven’t had an internal innovation program yet, are probably already well formulated in the minds of your employees. However, when it comes to acting upon those ideas, bringing them to life, or attempting to validate them, either via business modelling or prototype and market testing, your resources are scarce. Your people may not have the cycles to spare on developing what could be billion dollar ideas.

Let us be your validation partner – rapidly developing, modelling and market testing those ideas.

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