kalaboukis, the optimistic futurist™, is a future builder, disruptive innovator, prolific inventor, artificer, and activist. He is the founder of hellofuture, a global foresight, design & strategy consultancy specializing in the development of new products, services, patents, and strategies for financial services, technology, media, and retail/e-commerce companies. He is also named inventor on 131 patents and cited on 1207 patents in the internet, social networking, and fintech space. A serial entrepreneur, he has helmed several startups from inception to launch. He has authored several books on innovation and the future and blogs and podcasts at

“Real leaders need neither forgiveness nor permission.”



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“Being a futurist is like being a meteorologist.
You are usually right but at the wrong time.”


Innovation Is Meaningless: How Not To Innovate In Your Organization


I’ve come across many situations where innovation is talked about incessantly but mostly “meaningless”: no new products, process, or culture change occurs, it’s just “innovation theater” This book chronicles this behavior in companies large and small and provides effective strategies and actionable tactics to make innovation real.

INNOVATION MASTERY: The Definitive Guide To Running The Ultimate Innovation Program, Second Edition


Based on years of research and experience, this is the ultimate guide to envisioning, creating, building, running, and managing an innovation program for your company, no matter the size. Chris has run innovation programs at major tech companies, retail companies, and financial institutions for the last 10 years. He tells you what works and what doesn’t work, and can guide you to the ultimate successful program: generating hundreds of relevant, powerful new product ideas for your company.

Experiencing Tomorrow Today: On Being Innovative


I’ve been interested in the future since I was young – I remember staying up late with a flashlight under the cover reading science fiction and imagining cool futures that were depicted in those books. As I got older, I realized that I wanted to be involved in creating that future – actually envisioning and developing those products and services ahead of our time.

Our Devices, Ourselves: From Wearable Computers To Homo Superior


We have already evolved to a state of “homo superior” – we just have yet to admit it. We have already evolved to our next state of being, as long as you realize that we are not simply human, we are human + our devices. Homo Superior = Our Devices + Ourselves.

Wonder Man Machine: Fusing Intent, People & The Cloud To Build A Useful Internet


When was the last time you used the internet to look for a flight or hotel and felt that maybe you didn’t get the best deal, or what you really wanted? Or the last time to researched and bought something like a car or a big-screen TV and maybe were unhappy that you didn’t get all the information that you needed in order to make the right decision. Or that you went to a restaurant based on excellent online reviews but had a horrible experience? And didn’t you spend an inordinate amount of time doing those things? That you thought that being able to book your own travel, researching your own car purchase, and finding your own restaurant was easy and quick and you always got a great result? How many times have you been happy with the results – getting exactly what you needed, immediately when you needed it?

“Everything you can imagine will happen.
The only question is when.”


Inventor on 131 issued patents and cited on 1207. Examples below:

  • Automated Friend Finder
    • Disclosed are methods and apparatus for automatically connecting individuals. A private profile of an individual may be automatically generated. The private profile of the individual may be automatically compared with private profiles of a set of individuals such that one or more of the set of individuals are identified as matches for the individual, wherein the private profile of the individual includes private data and each of the private profiles of the set of individuals includes private data. The private profile of the individual is not publicly available to other individuals that have access to a public profile of the individual. The individual may be automatically notified that the individual has been matched with the one or more individuals, thereby enabling the individual to initiate communication with the one or more individuals. The similarities between the private profile of the individual and the private profiles of the one or more individuals are not revealed to the individual or the one or more individuals.
  • Social Network Commerce Model
    • Rules-based commerce system or marketplace that proactively acquires and purchases, on behalf of consumers, works submitted by creators. In one implementation, the system involves a rules engine that makes current and future purchases of electronic content and code based on the positive fulfillment of specific pre-created criteria. Some particular implementations of the invention can be implemented to create a net of income from a large number of sources in order to support one or more social media activities. Other implementations of the invention can be configured to create forms of sponsorship whereby a consumer can create rules to automatically acquire and pay for a future work that meets one or more criteria. On the creator side, implementations of the invention can be configured to assist creators to develop an audience and corresponding income streams to support social media creation activities.
  • Apparatus and methods for managing a social media universe
    • Methods and apparatus include features for managing social media universes. In one embodiment, media content and community members that have been associated with a new concept for creating a new universe are searched on a plurality of media content servers. For each found new concept, an association is retained between the new universe for the new concept and any found media content and community members. When a requesting user requests to view the new universe, a representation of the media content and the community members that are associated with the new universe is displayed for the requesting user.

“Technology should help us be better humans.”




  • Engineering Serendipity and Generating New Thinking
  • Embracing Change and Conquering Disruption
  • Growth Through Innovation – Implementing Successful Programs
  • Technology, Retail, Financial Services & Smart Cities Innovation
  • The Future of Work – the gig economy and defeating job loss through automation
  • The Future of Sales – it’s broken and how it can be fixed, decluttering the internet
  • Seamless World: Reconfiguring reality to make us better humans
  • The Future of Education – it’s deeply broken and how to fix it
Additional topics on request.

“Bring joy, and the money will follow.”


Many fear the future. They can barely think three months out, let alone ten years out.

Where will you be in 10 years? What will your customers be like? What will your industry be like? What will the world be like? What will your company be like? What kinds of products and services will sustain you in that future?

Disruption is not a choice – it WILL happen; the only questions are how and when. Prepare for disruptive market shifts, no matter if they are “black swans,” which unexpectedly massively upturn your market or small incremental changes, which eventually pull your market out from under you.

Chances are, your company will be either gone or vastly different in 10 years. Let’s forge your ideal future together. I can guide you into a future where your company not only exists, it thrives, no matter what the future throws at it. I future-proof your company against disruption, large and small.

If you are ready to talk, tap to the right to set up a quick call. We’ll know in less than 10 minutes if I can help.

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