Conversational Commerce, Chatbots and Interaction Innovation

How to develop new customer interaction models that sell and service effectively.


We’ve blogged with regularity on how our interfaces with our devices are changing. There is a very strong shift towards developing more conversational interfaces. To that end, helloFUTURE has developed a set of strategies and technologies to assist you in developing conversational commerce and chatbot interfaces between you and your customers, to sell or to serve.

  • Chatbots run inside messaging applications like Facebook Messenger or Skype or on websites –  they don’t require a download and very likely pre-exist on your customer’s phones.
  • They’re conversational by nature using text, buttons, and images and understand typed natural language requests
  • They’ll wait indefinitely for the user’s command but will respond instantaneously once they receive a request and will remember previous conversations
  • Chatbots are able to provide information such as store opening hours but can also carry out more complex tasks like payments and help users complete online forms
  • Chatbots are highly scalable, managing individual user conversations simultaneously for millions of users while learning from all of them to make everybody’s experience better

Chatbots are efficient at quickly retrieving the right information for millions of requests simultaneously, but they’re also smarter than traditional computer systems in many ways:

  • They converse naturally with humans using Natural Language Processing technologies to understand sentences and construct meaningful responses
  • They learn from millions of conversations how users ask questions, allowing them to make better product recommendations
  • They leverage the latest Product Recommender systems to provide a more informed shopping experience and to make superior cross-sell/up-sell recommendations
  • They use Deep Learning technology to recognize things they’ve never seen before like new product names and images
  • They are great for creating useful conversations with your customers such as finding stores and opening hours, finding products and selecting gifts, providing status updates on orders, and helping with customer loyalty questions
  • Languages supported: Over 35 languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, and Hindi, keeping customers inside their comfort zones
  • Platforms supported: Facebook messenger with over 1 billion users, Whatsapp with 1 billion users, Kik which is popular with millennials and is 300 million strong, WeChat, Skype, Telegram and more
  • Natural language and artificial intelligence engines used: IBM Watson, Facebook M, Artificial Solutions, and Microsoft
  • Retail chatbots provide a much more personal way for customers to shop by augmenting the online experience in places like chat windows
  • By providing an interactive experience, chatbots help customers find the products they’re looking for without heavy-friction searching and browsing
  • Chatbots help with product comparisons and can gently make additional product recommendations once the customer has selected an item
  • Chatbots can capture billing, shipping address, and preferences, and can manage the entire payment process
  • Once the customer has purchased, chatbots can, after a period of time, check if they liked the product, offer additional products and services, and help them write, and post product reviews
  • The same chatbot helps the user on the website as well as in the store, monitoring and remembering customer activity across both channels
  • A shopping experience can begin in the street to help the customer find a store, then once they arrive, can direct them to the products they’re looking for
  • Chatbots access order history and customer loyalty information to provide personal shopping experiences wherever and whenever the customer chooses to shop
  • Chatbots can create an online order, help schedule a store pick-up, send a notification when pick-up is available, or switch to home delivery
  • Chatbots are there after the purchase to help answer questions about products and remind customers to re-order when refills are needed

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