Raw Transcript – All Live All The Time

Good morning everyone and welcome to think future podcasts I’m your host Chris Kalaboukis and once again we’re coming at you live from deep in the heart of Silicon Valley California.  Do you guys remember down time you know evenings and weekends where your typical nine to five job would let you have some spare time.  Those are back in the days when work was monolithic right you were at work and then you were at home and then when you’re at home you didn’t think about work you know work in think about home a little some people did.  But as I mentioned before posted on recording my podcast work has exploded into non monolithic little tiny Lego blocks which are not completed in a specific time for his were done at all times of the day or night chunks here and there interspersed with your life.  I mean email and other async communications allowed us to be able to respond messages you know whenever we have the time to do so right you could respond to emails after your days of meetings are over and you could leave voicemail relaying useful information but I mean who uses voice mail anymore.  I mean with the amount of spam calls that I’ve been getting I doubt if I ever get a call from anybody.  And most people don’t leave voice mails anyway.  Of course since ever since I see Q.  And instant messaging took off.  We use live messaging a lot as well to capture sort Birch bursts of data you know ask quick questions and quickly lately be in contact with people you know if you just want to say hi.  You know want to.  Have in deep deep conversations with somebody because they want so busy right you just want to say hi you want touch base.  But of course the unwritten rules are that if someone isn’t responding to an I.  And they’re probably busy.  However with the advent of smartphones and the ability to determine someone’s status I mean is very important always busy away or available.  Then business suddenly becomes a twenty four hour seven day week thing.  I mean setting aside the question as to whether this is good or not I have recently noticed that there are many new services which leverage this always on status showing set of services.  For example slack has become a huge business from business messaging driving a lot of companies and if you’ve never used slack I highly recommend that you do it’s really cool free messaging for your enterprise.  Driving a lot of companies to use it instead of all other forms of communication I mean not only is it a great instant messenger but it’s also got plug ins the lot you do things like project manage.  View reports all sorts of cool stuff plus there’s chat bots and on things in there.  I would almost suggest that one of the reasons why remote work has become.  Has taken off as quickly as it has is because of our ability to have that immediate conversation with anyone anywhere at any time and most importantly to have that availability status indicator so you know if that person is available to talk to so the status indicator where we can see oh that person is available to talk to or that person can be communicated to with live basically changes the rules of business because it used to be when you’re in it doing any kind of business that wasn’t twenty four seven you would you know send us a contact email or contact us form or what.  Ever But nowadays you can actually chat with people live directly on any website at any time and it doesn’t matter if you have a major multinational corporation behind it with hundreds of people in call in chat centers or some guy on a smartphone having dinner with his wife.  But he but IT tools like slack and Skype and Google Hangouts.  Basically give us enough telepresence I mean do we really need super high rez for K T V’s and for wall monitors to collaborate.  I mean we can collaborate at any time from anywhere on any device.  I mean this is have a very useful effect of tying teams together no matter where they are I mean we finally.  Done it we’ve become the virtual teams that we have vision two years ago I mean everyone’s saying this is never going to happen but now it’s finally happened I mean if we were to start a company today if I was coming today it would be completely virtual no campus no offices employees all working from their homes is their own equipment which they probably prefer to use anyway I mean these tools have finally given us the ability to create truly virtual corporations.  And then we can also instantly have that sales conversation like I was telling you there’s this great software that I installed on my website the other day that basically allows anyone to have an immediate conversation with people on our side at any time of the day or night.  We can have an instantly have a sales conversation or answer any questions with this with his or two website from your smartphones no matter where you are.  We can immediately connect a customer with a customer service rep and why while they’re enjoying the time away from the office move Think about it vacations weekends as we know them will literally disappear as we travel whenever.  Do whatever bringing our work with us wherever we are.  Taking some downtime from the office will be as easy as switching a switch in your workout I mean it’s uber a zation of work.  Now let’s talk about whether this is a good thing or a bad thing or not and I think.  The reality is is that there are still many of us who are still living in that.  Monolithic world where we feel work is this life is that.  And I think that.  The reality is that this is the way things are going this is almost an unstoppable train that if we want to be a leading organization no matter what industry we’re in we’re going to have to move to that mode of work.  And not only that we need to make changes to the way that.  Government.  Thinks of work to our social programs to our educational programs to our.  Health care programs all of this stuff needs to change in this future world of work we’re still butting up against now that’s why you see all of these all of this pushback against this kind of work against me working forty hours a week when you are working forty hours a week but that forty hours a week is interspersed within your hundred sixty eight or hours of week as opposed to being these monolithic blocks and we’re in that transitionary period between.  When.  Some people are doing this and they’re exulting it they learn loving it they’re enjoying it they’re enjoying the fact that they can work from anywhere.  To the moment where I want to completely disengage from the office and I don’t want to think about it.  But the reality is that.  As human beings were actually pretty good.  At working on problems in the background while we’re doing.  Other things.  But I think this is not something that we have we can say it’s going to go away it’s just going to get more just going to happen more and more often so work will be interspersed with our lives we just have to figure out how to deal with it.  So welcome to all life all the time.  All business we all live all the time and it’s not these monolithic blocks of sitting in an office drinking bad coffee and chatting with your coworkers That’s it for me for a day see you next time until then don’t forget to think future.