Perception of Leadership Improves When Feedback Is Gathered and Acted Upon

…and what better way to gather ideas for improvement than to run an internal crowdsourced innovation program?

Raw Transcript

Hello everyone and welcome to the think future podcast I’m your host Chris Kalaboukis and once again we’re coming in July from deep in the heart of Silicon Valley California.  Now you’ve probably all heard of the study known as the ha for an effect or something that study that begat something called the Hofmann effect in Hawthorne effect is that sort of you’ve probably heard of and you probably think it might be apocryphal but they did actually this study in the twenty’s and thirty’s of light the effect of changing light patterns on the fan factory floor so what they did was they had this factory and was a standard factory of the day where there was a bunch of people in a room building stuff and what they did is they said they slightly changed the illumination levels day after day so they slightly made them brighter and they slightly made them darker so they slightly made them brighter and that improved productivity and they thought Oh great so increasing the light in the factory improved productivity but then they also started making them darker and that also improves productivity so it didn’t really matter whether the light was increased or decreased.  It improved productivity so.  They looked at this from the effect of well.  The workers were sensing that they were being observed and that management was attempting to listen to their needs by changing things in their environment so they.  Saw the change in their environment as a positive perception that management was listening to them and was doing something about something that they wanted and they didn’t necessarily need to communicate it because they figure out the lady levels of being.  Crees maybe somebody asked for the lighting losing trees in the lane live was a decrease maybe somebody asked for the lighting levels to be decreased so.  The effect of change occurring in the workplace whether it was.  Asked for or not.  Tended to increase productivity.  So when you take this concept and you think about the implementation of an enterprise-wide innovation program then you see how much sense it makes to have a program a safe place for inventors to be able to submit their ideas.  When.  Feedback when input from employees across the board.  Is gathered.  And ideas for improvement ideas for better products ideas for better services ideas for incremental changes to make things better.  Whether their products and services for external.  Use for your company’s customers use.  Or whether it’s for internal changes to the organization to make things work smoother and better every time I run an innovation program we always have a category for life at whichever company we’re running this for.  Whether it’s an external change or an internal change.  The.  Gathering ideas for improvement.  Actually having a mechanism to gather ideas for improvement.  And then developing a process to implement those I’d.  Yes or at least publicly implement some of those ideas and show how the ideas have been implemented so gathering the data and showing how the ideas are being implemented and communicating that implementation across the organization.  Actually improve improves the perception of leadership.  That your employees are being listened to.  And not only are they being listened to because many innovation programs all you do is roll out some kind of software and say hey submit your ideas but then nothing ever happens to them not only being listened to but being implemented and the communications that the implementations are taking place.  Being spread far and wide improve the perception of leadership or leadership is not sitting up in an ivory tower doing their thing they’re listening to us they’re taking our ideas and they’re doing something with it and the idea doesn’t necessarily need to be from anyone, in particular, I like to this is what I like to run this a while like to run enterprise-wide programs because you have no idea you never know where that next amazing billion dollar idea will come from it may come from somebody in head office in me came from somebody because if you think about it the people in the C. suite already have the C.E.O.’s year.  Your people in senior leadership already talk to each other a lot so if anyone in the senior leadership had a great idea that idea has already been heard but what about that guy in the far-flung sales office in Dallas or what about that administrators who comes across a great idea one morning in Seattle in these remote offices they do not happen if they don’t happen to be in your location what happens to those.  Great ideas.  They just disappear if there’s no place for them to go but if there’s a place for them to be gathered.  If there’s a place for them to be listened to.  If.  Your employees see that these are ideas are implemented if they can perceive that they have the ability to submit an idea that can change the system they can actually go somewhere then that’s an incredibly powerful.  Thing.  And.  It can completely change the culture of an organization especially if you’ve been in some kind of top-down environment where.  It doesn’t feel like employees are being listened to it’s incredibly motivational for the employees in credit it results in incredible increase in employee engagement.  When they feel that they’re being listened to and there’s ideas are being implemented and senior management is actually.  Almost serving the working employees.  So the Hawthorne effect where changes in lighting affect worker productivity applies here as well because if you’re able to collect ideas from your employees and implement those ideas and they see that as an implementation is occurring then they will become more productive they will become more bought into the organization they will be more engaged.  And alive in aware and loyal to your organization especially in this time of the gig economy and all sorts of interesting things changing on the talent front.  If you want your employees to remain loyal to your organization and gather and collect those ideas.  Then you definitely need this type of internal program.  That’s it for me for today C N X time until then don’t forget to think future or.