Could You Use A Corporate Philosopher? And How Expanding Your Luck Helps You Innovate

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Good morning everyone and welcome to the thing feature podcast I’m your host Chris Kalaboukis And once again we’re coming to life from deep in the heart of Silicon Valley California.  Now you may not know this but I.  Was a philosophy major That’s right folks I was a philosophy major and I did philosophy for about a year or two of college before I realized I can’t get a job in philosophy in fact it was very interesting that even when I was in high school I for fun went to this is when they had these computerized career guidance counselors you could go in and sit at a computer and being the introvert that I was sitting puter first a computer then talk to an actual human being I went in and I entered just for fun sort of computer programmer as the.  As a career choice and I got a little printout talking about to be a programmer and then just for fun I enter philosopher as a career choice what do philosophers do talk about philosophy teach a philosophy that’s basically the end of it there was a lot of.  Talking about how you know philosophy majors can go into all sorts of interesting fields but in the end really philosophers kind of begat other philosophers if you teach philosophy sorry if you study philosophy you’re probably very likely to simply teach philosophy because it really doesn’t seem to be much need for a philosophy or philosophers out there now.  I have course disagree I think philosophy is one of those things that we’ve forgotten about it underpins many things that we do and I would argue that we all need not in addition to corporate Futurists everyone needs a corporate philosopher to help keep.  These corporations on the straight and narrow I mean look at some of the issues that United and some of these V.W. and all these other low.  Corporations are coming what if they all had a C. level philosopher a corporate philosophy officer who would be able to sort of handle all those thorny philosophical questions that the C. suite came up with just a thought I think corporate philosopher would be a great title.  But anyways I digress because basically I was going to talk about a magazine which I’ve been reading called the new philosopher great magazine had an issue on luck the other day.  And there was a great passage in there talking about how to build lacking we’re talking about how to make yourself more lucky.  Now I believe that there are ways to make one more lucky and if you’ve looked at my previous blog post read my blog or my podcast I think there definitely are there are ways to become more lucky I mean if you look at away from the purely mathematical side of things people are talking about a lottery and poker and all these different things now when it comes to poker there is skill involved as well as luck in fact in most gambling there is skill involved as well as luck but it’s interesting that they were talking about luck and how to maximize your luck and how to maximize your success in life and one of the things that one of the philosophers found was that in order to maximize your success in life it really helps for you to be an extrovert because if you have an open personality open stance talk to a lot of people shake a lot of hands smile a lot of people know a lot of people and a lot of people know you then what it does it opens up your options of luck I think that’s what he called it where if more people know you and you have more connections with more people then there’s more of a chance that something lucky as you know quote unquote.  And success front will be for you probably because.  Plus I think they also mention something about being open to opportunities so you could be an extreme extrovert but if you’re not open to new opportunities maybe that doesn’t work you have to be an extreme extrovert and open to new opportunities and somehow these people seem to be luckier in the classic sense from a success sense.  Probably because they’re open to new opportunities and they do talk to new people and I thought to myself well you know what that is very similar to the kinds of capabilities that you’re need to have in order to innovate you know to be an innovative individual and to be more of a disruptor you need to be open to new opportunities but at the same time you need to be an extreme extrovert who opens themselves up and talks to a lot of people smiles shakes hands knows people is health so how do you do this within a large organization well simple you become that extreme extrovert within the organization knowing everybody across the board everywhere and how do you do this well you go to all these events where if you can meet people face to face you participate in challenges online you make yourself known within the organization the as the go to guy or the go to group when it comes to innovative new ideas and they will seek you out so in essence in order to develop an innovative mindset in addition to developing a lucky mindset and a successful mindset the exact same criteria are required for all three things so if you want to be innovative you want to be lucky and you want to be successful you need to be extroverted and open to new opportunities.  Now I’ve talked before about how.  It’s helpful to have beginner’s mind when you want to be open opportunities because it basically empties your preconceived.  It’s kind of like having beginner’s luck in when you play golf or whatever is that you don’t know what the rules are yet so you don’t know what to break or what to stay away from or swing this way or swing that way you don’t really know.  What you’re supposed to do see end of doing things that just feel right that are attached to your intuition and I think that’s part of it is that you have to be able to allow your intuition to run free you have to open your mind up to opportunities you have to be that kind of extreme introvert who loves connecting with people.  And you have to be able to clear your mind and be open to new things well maybe I just said that.  So what does this mean for introverts What does this mean for people who are closed up and don’t really want to talk to other people well I suppose you could become a bit of an innovator as well I mean is known you don’t necessarily need to talk to people face to face you still can have that slew of connections online or whatever but the fact of the matter is that.  More innovation will probably come from collaboration and diversity in your thoughts you can be alone inventor sitting in your ivory tower inventing things just out of your head springing forth like a scene Athena from the head of Zeus but most of the time most of the interesting disruptive innovations that are out there are the result of some kind of collaboration or mash up between a bunch of ideas coming from a bunch of people so you take a bunch of people you’re thrown into a room and you have them brainstorm and you can get fifty ideas in two hours whereas a lone innovator may not be able to do the same thing so you have to become a bit of an extrovert to be able to draw those people into a room and have them generate creativity from their diverse backgrounds and.  And that’s where you get the most interesting disruptive innovations so.  I still think that we need to have corporate philosophers on staff I think they’d be a great idea but at the same time maybe those corporate philosophers could also teach people how to open their mind be open to new opportunities because that’s part of what philosophy is just because you happen to ascribe to one type of thinking or another.  Philosophers do leave their minds open to new ways of thinking and that’s what innovators need to do as well that’s it for me for today see next time and until then don’t forget to think future or.