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Software Is Just One Piece Of The Innovation Puzzle

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Good morning everyone and welcome to the thinkfuture podcast I’m your host Chris Kalaboukis.  And once again we’re coming to you live from deep in the heart of Silicon Valley California issue number one six one that’s right folks yet another palindromic show number hope you enjoyed the last episode of our conversations on conversational commerce with our principal consultant on conversational converse here again.  I thought was an interesting episode to talk about some very cool and interesting and future focused things that people should be thinking about and if you are out there and you are listening and you’d like to be featured on the think future podcast I’m.  Calling out for innovators right now people who have attempted to unearth the innovation in their organization and the kind of challenges you are facing as well as anything else on the innovation disruption and future front just pop me an email at the future G. Mail dot com and let me know what you’d be interested in talking about as I popped out in my email earlier we have about ten thousand listeners per show so if you’d like to get on board and give me a call let me know easy to set up will be a Skype interview and you can do it from anywhere any time and take more than half an hour of your time so let me know if you are interested in coming on a future.  Show.  So that’s it for that let’s talk a little bit about innovation program so.  Many companies I know many companies I know feel that all they really need to do really is.  In order to collect ideas or to capture ideas in order to become innovative or to get that next billion dollar idea out of their employees is to go out there and do some technology selection work and pick an innovation management software so some innovation Madras offer that’s out there whether it’s spigot or bright idea or any number of software out there there’s lots of really a lot of great new software out there I think I was.  Reviewing one the other day called Idea wake very nice design very well designed angular modern design built on Javascript.  And they figure that all they really need to do is pick software put it up and then blast an e-mail out to the entire nation saying Hey.  We’ve got a new place for you to submit your ideas.  And.  That’s it they figure that that’s all they really need in order to run a successful innovation program.  Now if you ask me I think you need much more than that.  It’s interesting we were I was at a conference the other day at a small innovation conference here in Silicon Valley.  And I loved.  Being able to talk to other people in the innovation space and one of the speaker said something very interesting to me.  And I realized that even though I’ve been doing innovation work for over ten-fifteen years in major enterprises I realized she was right basically which.  He said was the innovation function the actual innovation function within an organization not a strategy function not an Emmy function but the actual in the vacation function within an organization where you have senior to middle leadership that are actually full time charged with developing innovation within the organization is a relatively new thing.  It’s a relatively new thing to be spun off out of the strategy or research or whatever group it’s relatively new even though I’ve been doing it for.  Fifteen plus years as an industry as a specific job title has a specific function within our organization it’s relatively new and we were all part of that story we were all.  Innovators within large organizations who are attempting to take these large organizations and make them deliver or help them or guide them to deliver more innovative products and services.  And I thought that was interesting that.  The concept of innovation within an organization is relatively new and you have these intrapreneur real types like us some people some organizations get it and they have full time innovators on staff others.  Have it as part of their job title or even if it’s not part of their job title other than an intrapreneur has who attempt to develop innovative new products and services within organizations they don’t even call themselves innovators they just have an idea and they want to get it done they want to get it implemented they want to get out there.  And in order to.  Assist these intrapreneur these internal employees who are inventive and they’ve come up with these.  IDEAS You need that full time innovation staff to assist in shepherding those ideas through the enterprise until they can become real or at least a patent or even a strategy and that’s one of the reasons why there’s been a lot of talk that we really need full time innovation staff whether it’s full time innovation people or vendor like ourselves to assist in the innovation development process and it’s more than just management it’s more than just buying a tool or renting a tool or signing up for tool putting it in and then just saying to your employees go to it.  There’s a lot more to it there’s a lot more involved in developing a successful program than just doing that I mean I’ve talked about this in my book innovation mastery in detail but in short there’s a few steps that need to be completed by the team that’s wrapped around the program that’s wrapped around the software that will make sure that will ensure that your program is successful for example you have to determine the outcome I mean what do you really want out of the innovation program and this is something that you really have to delve deep in some people might say Oh well obviously we want to develop new products and services new billion dollar businesses people say that but is this what they really want when you dig into what they’ve been doing so far and what they talk about and what they say are those the same things for example let’s say they say that they do want new products and services new innovative products and services out of their employees but then maybe thousands of ideas are submitted but none go to market but there’s lots of public announcements about how many ideas are submitted and how great these ideas are and how amazing the inventors are.  But none of that becomes real maybe to this organization innovation is marketing innovation is looking cool to your competitors.  So once you determine the outcome you need to figure out how to fit your innovation program into the culture of your organization you can’t just take a program that’s great some or else in the just slap it in I’ve seen many occasions where the program internally was failing because the innovation management software wasn’t a fit for the culture of the organization so the program itself needs to map to the culture of the organization.  You have to determine the stakeholders there’s a number of stakeholders that need to be involved in the Innovation Program for it to be successful first of all which is your executive sponsor you need somebody highly placed in the off within the organization to be able to help guide it at that level at the senior leadership level you need a project manager you need marketing in H.R. you need a number of folks to be involved in the program you can’t just pop them an email say hey.  Submit some ideas they need to be involved in the development in the management of the program I mean there’s so much so many other things it needs to be a thing unto itself needs to have its own theme A nice to have its own style nice to have its own communications if you don’t make it a program then it risks just disappearing and needs to be branded in Nice to have its own colors and basically what you’re doing is you’re almost developing a little mini start up within the organization that’s cool and interesting and new and you want people to be able to contribute to that and have those ideas turn into something the communications need to be mapped out the process need to be mapped out the rewards need to be mapped out there all these things the challenges the timeframe all of this stuff needs to be determined.  In order for you to have a successful program now some companies who are already innovative they’re already there can conceivably put something out there and just say hey here’s a place to submit your ideas but without the program wrapped around it then there’s a high probability that it’s not going to be successful or it’s not going to generate the outcomes that you really want it to and once you determine all of these things and put the program in place and launch and run and manage the program then you’re going to have fantastic ideas submitted by your employees driving you to the outcomes that you’re looking for but it’s much much more than simply installing a piece of software and saying Go to it.  And if you want your program to be successful that’s what you need to do.  That’s it for me for today see you next time and until then don’t forget to think future.