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Even Kirk and Picard Had To Break The Prime Directive Sometimes

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Good morning everyone and welcome to the thing future podcast I’m host Chris Kalaboukis And once again we’re coming to you live from deep in the heart of Silicon Valley California.  Now anyone who knows me was been listening to show for a while been reading my blog post understand I’m a huge.  Star Trek fan that’s right folks I’m a huge Star Trek fan can’t wait for the next series to come out Star Trek discovery sounds very exciting interesting and new hopefully they’ll be able to continue the tradition of.  Being able to look out into the future and give us some cool new things that we may eventually be able to envision.  I mean when I was a kid I loved science fiction I loved reading science fiction I love watching science fiction I loved seeing that future.  And that’s one of the reasons why it drove me into the business of attempting to build that future which is why it’s what I’m doing today.  But it was an interesting thing in the series known as the Prime Directive and anyone who’s familiar with it understands the way the Prime Directive works the prime directive is.  That since we are or humans were in this show an advanced civilization.  That when they encountered a civilization which was not as advanced as them they would not interfere with the civilization and also they would be able to because pain you know having superior abilities having superior medical abilities having superior weaponry having spear superior everything.  Would sort of mess with the abilities messed with the civilizations ability to move forward on their own so it was sort of a hands off policy if you see a civilization that.  Is not as advanced as yours then you have to leave it alone that’s the Prime Directive Now if you have watched the show in the movies and you’ve probably seen there’s many many times where.  Whoever can the captain was they violated the prime directive they saw something that they didn’t like the look of where there was a war or famine or some horrible disease or plague they went in and messed with this civilization even though they should have they brought in their superior weaponry and or medical abilities and.  Basically broke the prime directive with a civilization and.  I don’t think it Kirk was ever called on the carpet for about the card was once or twice.  So the concept of a Prime Directive don’t meddle in the affairs of.  Other civilizations is really interesting it seems like people picked this thing up and have made it a real thing I mean it’s not a real thing it was in vision by Gene Roddenberry back in the sixties when he was doing Star Trek and there is no such thing.  As a prime directive there’s no such thing as a prime directive as a matter of fact.  If you look at the history of mankind there’s plenty of places where superior civilizations have meddled with civilizations and sometimes it’s gotten better and sometimes gotten worse most of the time worse which is probably one of the reasons why Gene put that in.  But the funny thing is is that you know the prime directive itself can sometimes be applied to.  Innovation within your corporation because with it within your corporation there’s a Prime Directive What’s your prime directive What’s every business’s prime directive.  To make money right every business is prime directive is to grow and expand and create value for customers create value for shareholders create value all around that’s the point of business.  So that is the prime directive of business is to grow.  Now.  Here you come with your innovation program and you’re saying I just want a little bit off the top I want to belittle the cream off the top so I can.  Invision the future of the company so I can build new products and services so I can determine where we’re going to be five ten years from now.  And of course since you’re thinking about the future since you’re thinking about markets and products which have not been invented yet then.  I mean if it leads to the fact that anything the you’re going to come up with will not have a market right away will probably not have a market right away unless of course you’re looking at incremental innovations or innovations that address specific pain points.  You’re not going to have a market right away but you still are developing the possible future for your business I talked about this in a previous show innovation is dangerous how innovation is actually the womb from which.  New products and services for your company come from.  So what happens.  You build your innovation program you build internal innovation program you take some of the time of your other employees to if you do a crime.  Source program we take some of their time to assist you in the development of these new product and service ideas maybe you take some resources in building prototypes of these new products and services and what happens.  Well you’re breaking the Prime Directive Now as with Kirk as with Picard as with all of them sometimes when they broke the Prime Directive it was a good thing sometimes the civilisations did better they were spared a horrible plague when the Prime Directive was broken.  So it’s the same in your case you are breaking you are breaking the prime directive by developing these products and services or strategies for the future which may or may not be successful they may or may not bring your business into the next decade they may or may not we don’t know we can’t predict the future if we could help we’d all be billionaires.  So we don’t know that we don’t know that the ideas and prototypes coming out of your group are going to be where our company’s going next we don’t know that so we’re breaking the prime directive we don’t know what’s going to happen.  We’re breaking the Prime Directive in developing things that have no immediate return.  So you have to think yourself Do we have the ability to really stretch ourselves out there and say listen we need to try and figure out where we’re going next so we are going to take the leap.  We are going to look forward and we’re going to say these are the things we may want to build.  And we build them now.  And some of those things we throw out and who knows maybe we can get a huge market for the but there’s no.  Way to know unless you break the prime directive of the organization and say listen we’re going to give this thing a shot we’re going to try it out so here’s the thing that I don’t want I wonder because a lot of times.  When we start these engagements it’s like well where is this going to go where is this going to lead and the fact of the matter is that we don’t know we don’t know where this is going to lead this could lead to nothing or it could lead to multiple million and billion dollar businesses we simply do not know until we do it until we try and till we make the leap and if you think about it we’ll just like those original innovators and inventors like Wilbur and Orville Wright or the people who’d or Dorsey or OR gates all of these inventors they did not know that their businesses would be viable they did not know that their businesses that would be huge they just had to build something and get it out there in the market came along.  No one knew that these things were going to be as big as they are and such because you hear these executives and they all say the same thing well.  This is not innovative unless it’s a billion dollar business.  We don’t know if it’s going to be a billion dollar business it could be a nothing dollar business or it could be a multibillion dollar business we just don’t know but the question is are you willing to take the risk.  Put a few bucks out there to see if something can be your next billion dollar business are you willing to break the prime directive like Kirk and but Card did numerous times in order to make things better.  So that you can build.  The next.  Phase of your company your next billion dollar business so sometimes you do have to violate the prime directive to move forward.  That’s it for me for today scenics time until the end over get to think future.