Will Wisdom of The Crowd make crowdsourcing cool? Plus Chris discusses hellofuture shifts

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Good morning everyone my name is Chris Kalaboukis and once again we’re coming at you live from deep in the heart of Silicon Valley California.  In the same way big bang theory made geeks cool.  We now have a brand new show coming out soon on C.B.S. And no I’m not talking about the next.  Star Trek discovery although I do hope that Star Trek discovery actually does predict the future as well as Star Trek and all the other strike Tech series did.  We have a new show coming out on C.B.S. or at least the pilot is being ordered cold wisdom of the crowds.  And just like Big Bang theory made geeks cool so geeks and nerds and other tech heads are now cool.  Wisdom of Crowds actually focuses on using crowdsourcing in order to solve crimes brilliant idea apparently was based on something that I’m not sure if it’s a true story that happened Israel or is an Israeli program but it basically focuses on a tech and entrepreneur who something some horrible crime happens to him and he builds a tool to allow the crowd or just those of us out here in the world to help him solve crime.  And it’s called was in the crowd so so crass horse to navigation is actually getting at television program isn’t that cool I think I can see it week after week it should be really cool but I’m not sure how long it’s going to last because some of the details of crowdsourced innovation are really that interesting are exciting but who knows who knows what.  Interesting programming can come.  Out of that so we are actually finally trying to starting to see crowdsourced innovation moving into the mainstream.  So the other thing I want to talk about today was that I’m very excited to announce that my firm helloFUTURE has created a new set of strategies and technologies to address specific verticals that we’ve been talking about over the last little while and some things that are near and dear to what I’m interested in what we’re interested in and things that we see our clients struggling with and.  There are probably to be a number of these we are calling shifts which we are seeing in the near future that affect our customers and specific strategies and solutions that can assist them to deal with these things so there’s three to start within and the first one I’m going to talk about very in very.  Very short just summarize quickly is called is our conversational commerce shift and basically this is mostly targeted to retail because we have a number of retail customers and everyone can see if you just look at any news out there the retail industry is in trouble there’s a lot of disruption going on in the retail business and.  It’s everywhere from.  New technologies to changing demographics and new interfaces so the way the retail industry is changing we need to adapt to the way our customers or the way the retail industries customers are interacting with the organization in order to improve that interface.  And the thing we’re specifically focusing on is conversational commerce because in my view basically what’s happening and I talked about this earlier during my last stack episode we have to look at where the future of interaction customer and interaction is going and when it comes to retail a lot of that kind of customer interaction for regular retail stuff is just basically going on to the web so I don’t go to Safeway anymore to buy groceries I use Instacart I don’t go to Costco anymore I don’t go to Wal-Mart anymore I don’t go to the these lower end retailers anymore to buy bulk items like toilet paper and paper towels etc I just get them delivered to my house and we’re going to a point where a lot of the retail experience which is there today is just going to happen automatically.  Or it’s going to happen through some type of conversational interface will be conversational commerce I’ll be saying Alexa reorder toilet paper and toilet paper will just appear so retailers really need to look at their place in the life stack and how they interface with conversational commerce interfaces because I have a sense that more and more these interfaces are going to be driven by conversations as opposed to apps or web or mobile or anything that we’re going to be using our own agents to do the purchasing for us so the question is as a retailer who will you be talking to will you be talk still be talking to a customer or will you be talking to an agent and how does that change your business model so that’s the first shift they were working on is the conversational calmer shift so if you have those challenges then please contact us because we do have solutions in that area the second one is on the future of work and I’ve talked about the future of work in many different ways on many differ.  Blog posts in many different podcasts and how the future of work is changing not only physical location telecommuting Laz in my last show we were talking about or a few shows ago we were talking about communes collaboration and telecommuting and IBM and Yahoo bringing people into the company and Microsoft buying we work memberships to keep their employees out of the company so it’s not even just physical location but it’s also things like the gig economy and how talent works in the new world so how do organizations deal with the expansion of the gig economy right I mean the big Khana me has been predicted to hit something like forty percent of the market in two thousand and twenty so that’s in about three two to three years from now forty percent of employees forty percent of workers will actually be part of the gig economy they’ll be temps they’ll be contractors and they’ll be vendors you won’t have these megalithic organizations anymore most people will be part-time workers.  So how does that affect your company how does that affect your company how should you leverage that in order to move forward if you’re a startup How do you leverage that if you’re an enterprise how do you leverage that if you’re mid-market company how do you leverage that So we’re creating a set of services strategies and technologies around leveraging where the future of work is going and bringing those new trends in shifts into your organization’s That’s the second one and the third one is on the future of sales and that we’ve talked about this at length and one of the things that I personally believe that is happening is that we are seeing a ton of automation happening on the backend we’re seeing at Sun of automation in the operations side of things we’re seeing a ton of automation in the customer service side of things we’re seeing a ton of automation in all aspects of a business except for.  The sales conversation the sales conversation I’m talking specifically B2B. So the.  Conversational converse pieces for B. to C. and now I’m talking about B2B. So in the B2B. conversation.  A lot of B. to B. sales happens through serendipity I just happen to be at a conference with my client who brings me a five million dollar contract I just happened to be in the bar with someone who brings me a ten million dollar contract I just happened to bump into anybody now you can do things sort of physical things to try and improve that Syrian deputy but the thing is that I’ve seen this all of this automation and artificial intelligence happen on the automating of other business process sees but I’m very seeing very little of it happening on the business development front on the front end so what we’re doing here is we’ve developed a specific set of strategies and technologies to take companies who are interested in sales innovation on the business development front to be able to automate some of those processes because I mean everybody’s saying this nowadays it’s no longer a I’m going to pick up the phone and I’m going to call you I’m going to throw a ton of money on advertising out there to serve a spray and pray approach hoping against hope that someone out there is actually interested in my service at the exact moment that I’m sending out the message companies are spending billions of dollars advertising marketing in sending messages out to people who are simply not interested I think the conversation and as an engineer I think the conversation is incredibly wasteful is that there’s tons of this money going out there and it’s not pinpoint targeting those specific individuals who absolutely need your product and service.  At the exact moment they need your product and service so we want to pioneer systems that reduce the amount of Internet noise there is out there because something like ninety percent if you ask me something like ninety percent of the Internet the content on the Internet is a thinly veiled sales message in fact this goes for all content marketing because if you think about it how much of the Internet is actually content marketing the Internet is flooded flooded with content marketing content that’s created specifically to attempt to generate a sale at some point whether it’s an immediately or further along the line it’s still generated specifically to lead to a sale which is ridiculous so we’ve got ninety percent of the Internet content out there driving people to say to a sale and it’s thrown out there in the blind hope that some day if someone happens to have an interest in your specific product at that moment then they’ll pick up the phone and call you or or make that connection so.  It’s incredibly inefficient and what we’re looking at are building systems and tools there will allow this to happen better and what we’re calling it is engineered serendipity so instead of the end the serendipity occurring just happening just happens to occur when you bump into somebody who ends up being your next multimillion dollar contract we’re going to use technology to engineer those connections so it’s much more likely that you actually bump into somebody and I don’t even know if you can call it bumping into somebody anymore because we are engineering the ability for you to connect with the buyer of your product or service at the exam.  Right moment that they need your product and your service and in lots of different ways we can do this and you can talk contact us if you are interested in learning more about any of these three services or you can check out our website at helloFUTURE . Oh for more information actually specifically Hello feature dot SEO slash shifts if you want information on any of these three specific sets of products that we’re putting out so that’s it for me for today see you next time and until then don’t forget to thinkfuture.