Raw Transcript – Productivity Tips To Help You Write A Book

Good morning everyone and welcome to think future podcast.  My name’s Chris Kalaboukis and today we’re going to talk a little bit about productivity. Now normally I don’t talk about productivity.  Normally I want to stay away from productivity because if you ask me anything that you do to be more productive usually ends up in you being less innovative.  But that’s OK because there’s a lot of times when you want to be productive.  You need to be productive.  You need to have that laser focus on getting something done.  There’s a lot of people I know who are interested in writing a book right.  I’ve seen it before my Facebook feed and also have other places.  People are saying oh you know what I really need to write a book I really need to write a book in there asking about tips then asking about the best way to go both writing a book and how to write a book and all that I’m like.  There is only one way to write a book is to sit down and actually write the book unless you want to pay someone to go straight this book for you.  So you have to go through funny a writer you have to go through making making sure that person has the right tone for you and then even then it’s a fairly expensive undertaking and if you think about what you need the book for in the first place.  But basically the way to write a book is to sit down and carve out time to write the book you need to spend quality time but in seat.  Focused on writing the book.  And I had this problem myself when I was writing.  I’ve been writing books for a while now I have I’ve just released my fourth book fifth book I forget exactly.  And really the only way to do it is to sit down and focus.  Now what works for me may not work for you but.  The number one way that I focus is to basically shut out all external stimuli shut off the Internet.  That’s right folks.  Shut the internet off put on some noise cancelling headphones put on some tunes and have to pick the exact right.  Tunes that will get you to move quickly.  I have a favorite musician that I listen to on sound cloud.  Who makes me write quicker.  And if I’m at home I tell everyone to don’t bug me I’m going to go cloister myself in a room.  And just write in the other thing I do is that I just write.  I just stream of consciousness blob everything out onto the screen screen into Word or whatever and then go back and edit it later on.  Now other things I found that is the most productive times.  Is when I’m taking a flight when I get on a plane because you have no internet access or Internet access is extremely expensive and you’re unwilling to pay for it.  So I thought to myself the other time the last time when this happened last time I got on a plane and I was extremely productive there was this report.  I was dreading to do and I said to myself I’ll just don’t play I’ll just in a plane and this is I got on a plane for a flight.  I was able to get it done in less than an hour because I just crank through it and I had no distractions from anything.  And that’s the way to do it is Kelly we were talking about four A.M. being the most productive time of the day.  Well you know wife for him has the most productive time of the day is because nobody else is up at four A.M..  You’re there alone working.  So I said.  I think it was my blood goes wide four and become the most productive of the day because your own working and there’s nobody else to bug you.  So four am.  Doesn’t necessarily need to be the most productive time of day four A.M. is just the time when there’s nobody else up once everybody starts getting up at four am.  Then you’ll see that it will no longer peak for most productive time of the day.  So basically the best way to be productive is to lock yourself off from everybody else and if you can’t take a flight.  In fact I know some people who’ve done this.  I know some people who do things for sufficiently so they can have time to work like the very wealthy lawyer I used to know in Canada who would purposely book a four hour train ride.  To a place instead of flying.  He could get there in less than an hour but instead he decided to get four hour plane train ride.  Because he could just work on the train in fact when I go to San Francisco where I live I prefer even though I have no trouble taking the car.  I prefer to take the train because you can spend the time productively working or Usually if you get a decent seat with a desk.  So my one true productivity trick that I’m talking about today is isolation blockade yourself off from everyone and everything.  Turn off your internet access imagine that you’re on an airplane for that set of hours.  And get it done for so many people out there who say I can’t do that.  I can’t do that.  Of course she can you can absolutely.  Do that you just need to schedule it.  I mean you can go into meetings now and not be bothered from everybody who is outside of the meeting for an hour here and there why can’t you do that.  Once a day for a month you do that once a day for a month and you’ve got a good start on your book a given of example a couple things I do specifically for writing a book when you’re setting up a book on Amazon.  You can actually set a date of when that book is to be published and if you miss that date.  If you miss that date then you will be banned from publishing a book on Amazon for at least a year so that’s good incentive to make sure that you get that book done on time.  And the other one is I take a tip from the words from the fiction writing contest called Nano remote.  Have you ever heard of nano remote it’s basically National Novel Writing Month.  And it happens in November of every year in the way that works is that you commit and there’s no there’s no contest and like that you commit to writing at least a I forget how many fifty thousand word novel.  During the course of the month and I did that a number of years ago I wrote a novel in this series.  First in a series of young adult novel about these kids who have pre-condition powers.  And I wrote that over the course of a month and it was really good practice.  I mean at the end of it a lot of these writers they don’t really have anything useful and they have to go through a lot of editing to get it done.  But the fact of the matter is that if you can sit down and write and take out fifty thousand words within the course of a month.  If you can do it for that you can do it for anything.  So it gives you that.  It gives you that sense of accomplishment that you think that the book is such a huge undertaking and there’s no way you can complete it.  In fact the matter is.  All it does take is focused time and effort and you have to force yourself to focus yourself.  And put the effort in and get it done.  Use the tricks I just mentioned and you’ll be able to get that book out in no time.