I have to say, the first time I saw someone wearing these I thought to myself, boy, that looks dumb. Of course, I was one of the same guys to say that Google Glass looked dumb. If you think about it, Google Glass and Apple Airpods have a lot in common.

They both look “different”, but in some ways, they both moved in the same direction. They were both augmented reality devices, but where Google went wrong, Apple went right.

Glass made you look like the Terminator. These make you look like someone chopped the cord off your headphones. When you look at someone head on with these on, it almost looks like they are wearing earrings. I foresee a huge market in dressing them up somehow – I bet some enterprising folks out there are already thinking about how to skin these things. Now, some of you Apple fanboys and fangirls are probably saying, “How can you compare these beautifully designed devices to something as ugly as Google Glass.

It’s simple. Both are augmented reality devices. Glass attempted to augment your reality by visually dropping things in your visual path. These work by leveraging the next new hot space, in my opinion, audio augmented reality.