Targeted IP Programs

vaulthelloFUTURE develops strategic invention frameworks, product innovation, and enables robust intellectual property and IP practices. Unlike traditional approaches to innovation, our targeted, talent-based approach to invention creates value and secures tangible assets well ahead of general market awareness, consistent with client objectives and operating contexts. Our process has successfully generated hundreds of patent applications and issued patents, as well as a robust patent strategy for firms such as Yahoo! and Citigroup.

If you’ve got neither the budget nor the resources to productize your ideas, we can help you set up a patent pipeline, either internally with your own legal teams, or we can help you to identify outside counsel to work with. We’ll assist you with the processes, people, and tools to ensure that your ideas are protected.

  • Patent Pipeline: Setup & manage the flow of ideas to your internal or external legal teams
  • Disclosure Management: Organize & facilitate disclosure sessions, optimizing time and cost
  • Inventor Relations: Manage your inventor relations. We know that keeping your inventors happy keeps your supply of ideas coming
  • Patent Award Programs: Create & manage patent awards programs to keep your employees & inventors motivated and productive

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