Innovation Programs

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Disruptive innovation doesn’t occur at random. Innovation is a process which can be managed to generate growth and profits.

helloFUTURE will help future-proof your business by developing innovation in three key areas:

Business Innovation

We examine how your business was started, how it’s currently structured, what products you sell, how those products are sold, how you make money and where your profit centers are. Nothing is off the table.

Product Innovation

We analyze the product/s you’re selling, whether it’s a service, digital product or physical product. We look for ways that product can be improved and new markets or new uses for the product.

Service Innovation

We examine how you service your customers end-to-end and look for ways to improve that service. Because a satisfied customer is a long-term customer.

Our Innovation programs include:

Invention Programs

An invention is only successful if it is well-defined, fits the market, ships on time, and is marketed correctly. helloFUTURE does whatever it takes to make this happen and to help make that product a profit center for your business. We may use standalone ideation sessions, collaborative ideation sessions, in-person workshops or teleconferences.

What makes us good at this? Our team has envisioned hundreds of ideas which have become products and we have developed hundreds of patents for our clients. Together, our team has been issued over 65 patents and has 160 patent applications in progress.

Crowdsourced Innovation Programs

One of your employees might have the next billion-dollar idea. But how do you find it and develop it?

helloFUTURE will run a powerful, internal crowdsourced innovation program, to produce a wealth of creative product and service ideas. From this firehose approach, some ideas can be implemented immediately to enhance revenues and cut costs. Other ideas may be your next big product. How do we know? Because we’ve been running crowdsourced innovation programs for 8 years.

Our crowdsourced innovation programs include:

  • Small workshops
  • Hackathons
  • Pre-storms
  • Time-boxed, challenge-based programs
  • Continuous enterprise-wide programs

Not only can we find ideas among your employees, but we can also nurture and identify your internal innovators, develop effective awards programs and enable new ideas. This encourages your best, most innovative employees to remain with your company and not strike out on their own.

Within our Crowdsourced Innovation Programs, we:

  • Implement internal tools (build or buy) to enable the open exchange, debate, and refinement of ideas, especially those which cross organizational boundaries.
  • Let the best ideas rise to the top through internal crowdsourced review
  • Connect inventors with builders to keep the idea moving
  • Ensure that no good idea is left behind – if it can’t be built now, patent it.
  • Expose and nurture the best innovators and big ideas in your company.


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