Innovation Programs

innovation inside-out lightbulbThe key to growth is innovation. We specialize in developing innovation in 3 specific areas:

  • Business Innovation: how your business is created, structured, sells product, makes money and is profitable
  • Product Innovation: what you are actually selling to your customers, whether its hardware, software or a physical object
  • Service Innovation: how you better service your customers from end-to-end

To that end, we’ve built a seasoned team of inventors, innovators, creatives, consultants and developers ready to innovate you out of your most pressing challenges.

Here are some of the invention and innovation services we offer.

Invention Programs

We simply invent, with your team, or on our own. We’ve envisioned hundreds of ideas which have been developed into products, as well as hundreds of patents for our clients. Our proof of inventiveness? Together, our team has been issued over 65 issued patents and we have over 160 applications in progress. Some of the products we invented up to 8 years ago are currently seeing development today.

We can help you refine and define products in order to reach product market fit, gain traction, help you pivot, or do whatever else it takes for your product to succeed. We look at everything, from your supply and demand chains to your marketing and pricing plans, to your business model to your customer service and support to help you move your product to success. We help you innovate to succeed.

These can manifest as standalone ideation sessions, collaborative ideation sessions, in-person workshops, or teleconferences.

Crowdsourced Innovation Programs

You already have great ideas in the minds of your current employees, how do you get to those ideas? Engage us to run one of our powerful internal crowdsourced innovation programs, and you will end up with more ideas that you will know what to do with. It’s likely that some of those ideas will greatly enhance your revenues and/or cut your costs, almost immediately. We’ve been developing and running crowdsourced innovation programs for the last 8 years.

Not only can we unearth interesting and profitable product and service ideas from your employees, we can identify and nurture your internal innovators, developing effective award schemes and encouraging additional idea development. Let’s get those great ideas out of their heads and into your hands. Do you want them to leave and start their own startup? No, you’d much rather reward them to stay with you and build their ideas for them.

We review what you are doing today and can help to revise or devise new proven processes, which can generate new product ideas and patents.

  • Implement internal tools (build or buy) to enable the open exchange, debate, and refinement of ideas, especially ones that cross organizational boundaries
  • Capture these ideas, let the best rise up to the top through internal crowdsourced review
  • Connect inventors with builder and keep the process moving forward
  • Ensure that no good idea is left behind: if you can’t build it yet, patent it now. Or release it via Open Innovation
  • Expose the big innovators and the big ideas in your company

Our crowdsourced innovation programs come in many forms: from small workshops and hackathons and pre-storms to time-boxed challenge-based programs to continuous enterprise-wide programs. Contact us below and we can build the right program for you.

Silicon Valley Based Innovation Lab

Did you know that McDonalds, Citibank and Samsung each have innovation labs based Silicon Valley or San Francisco? We’ve been active in the SF Bay Area for the last 16 years and can help you to setup and run your lab here. We provide:

  • finding a location for your lab
  • setting up your lab infrastructure
  • staffing your lab with top talent

If you aren’t ready to jump into a full lab facility, we can help to host a virtual or part-time lab for you. We will pull together a team of seasoned innovators and dedicate them to your company or the specific issues that you are trying to solve.

Speaking Engagements, Seminars, Talks & Other Services

All of our services can manifest as workshops, hackathons, webinars, seminars and road mapping.

Chris (bio) is available for speaking engagements at your conference or company.

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