Foresight & Futurist Programs

binocularshelloFUTURE develops fun, crowdsourced foresight and innovation programs, bringing your entire company, department or team into the innovation (and disruption) conversation.

Whose job is it in your organization to look into the far future? Whose job is it to look out 5-10 years and determine where your company will be, where the world will be and where your customers will be?

Our futurist programs are fun, time-boxed, online and offline far forward thinking innovation challenges which help your employees to truly envision the future of your company, customers, and industry, resulting in greater insight and employee engagement. The programs can be rightsized everywhere from small workshops to the department level, to the entire enterprise.

Using a combination of tools such as artifacts-from-the-future, signal collection, shift identification and Second Curve techniques, we will help guide your people into envisioning and living that far future. Our programs can include pre-planning, capture tool setup, reward definition, parameter definition, internal marketing, artifact generation, idea submission and review, pre-storms, program guidance, idea review, and execution.

Executive Foresight Coaching

helloFUTURE provides intensive futurist and foresight coaching program direct to your C-suite. This program, using advanced tools and techniques, let’s your senior management think further out – to map out possible futures, and prime your leadership for action. Our tools allow your executive teams to spend some time virtually “living” in that future, mapping you the future of your firm, your industry, and the world. What kinds of products and services will exist in that future world? What will the people be like? What will your company be like? These and other existential questions will truly embed foresight thinking where it belongs, with your senior leadership.

Using proven techniques in foresight and futurist practice, this half to full day session, with follow-ups as required, can quickly get your team up to speed on developing a futurist mindset, which will inform the strategic future directions of your firm.

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