Data Analytics

In today’s business world, data is piling up within departments of large companies. For example, many companies outsource aspects of their operations to multiple vendors. Over time, invoices from these vendors accumulate, creating a data store too large for conventional Excel processing. Core business questions arise, but the answers are trapped in this black box of growing data. Moreover, this data tends to be rather custom, and therefore not amenable to typical “Big Data” solutions. Without data scientists on staff, departments in charge of this kind of custom data are stuck watching their data grow.

helloFUTURE includes data scientists. We’ve provided our custom data mining services to large, well-known companies. To their data and their business questions, we apply not only data science but also the deep business wisdom that we’ve acquired over decades of diverse experience. This experience provides us with the key insight to answer our clients’ questions effectively.

In our custom data mining service, we work closely with your team every step of the way to answer your business questions using your data. Once we begin to open windows into this data, the imaginations of our clients tend to blossom, leading to useful refinements to the original questions. This is an iterative, enjoyable process that reveals the answers in stages.

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