For clients looking for immediate results, any of our programs can be run “hackathon” style. After a short planning phase, we condense the ideation phase into a hackathon-style event.

In typical hackathon-style, this program runs over two days, with an intensive 24-hour development/ideation phase, bracketed by introductions and speakers at the start, and selection, judging, and rewards at the end.

  • Innovation: This is a hackathon in the classic style. For this, prototypes or immediately deliverable ideas are the output.
  • Patents: For this, the output is possibly patentable ideas. We ensure that the ideation focus is set up to instruct the contributors to develop ideas within a specific time frame, with patentable criteria provided.
  • Foresight: For this, scenarios, personas and stories are the output

For all three types of sessions, we create and manage the programs and sessions, as well as provide post session synthesis and reporting.

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